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General information Scarlet fever infection typically results in a rash (exanthema) characteristic of the disease. It usually takes about 48 hours after the onset of the disease for the rash to appear. These are small, pinhead-sized, “nodular-stained” red spots that stand out slightly from the skin surface. They are found mainly on the face, trunk, … Preberi več

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Associated symptoms In addition to the characteristic rash, scarlet fever typically causes other symptoms. An abrupt onset with high fever and sore throat (scarlet angina) is particularly typical. This can be accompanied by chills and a generally reduced general condition. Paleness and exhaustion complete the clinical picture until the rash finally appears. Dehydration, headaches, a … Preberi več

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Differences between children and adults Adults and children react very differently to infection with the scarlet fever pathogen Streptococcus pyogenes. In children, the disease occurs significantly more frequently and usually shows the typical symptoms, albeit with varying degrees of severity. In adults, only flu-like symptoms often occur. In adults, the typical course of the disease … Preberi več

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Scarlet without rash Scarlet fever can also occur without the typical clinical picture with rash and raspberry tongue. This is regularly the case, especially in adults. the corresponding bacteriophage, which is responsible for toxin formation. There are other symptoms (sore throat when the throat is colonised, etc.) but not vasomotor or inflammatory hyperemia, which is … Preberi več